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Approximate price to post two 220g (gross weight 450g) jars is £8.50

Coarse Cut Seville Orange Marmalade
- 220g: £5.00 plus p+p

Orange & Cardamom Marmalade
- 220g: £5.00 plus p+p

NEW! Extravagant Marmalade
- 220g: £6.00 plus p+p

Apple Butter
- 210g: £4.50 plus p+p

Brixton Bramble
- 225g: £4.50 plus p+p

Raspberry Jam
- 235g: £4.50 plus p+p

Strawberry Jam
- 220g: £5.00 plus p+p

Loganberry Jam
- 250g: £5.00 plus p+p

Redcurrant Jelly
- 140g: £4.00 plus p+p
- 80g: £3.00 plus p+p

Quince Ratafia
- 100ml: £9.00 plus p+p

Crème de mûre
- 120ml: £9.00 plus p+p



Deluxe Spiced Nuts
- 100g: £7.00 plus p+p
- 250g: £13.00 plus p+p
- 500g: £25.00 plus p+p


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